Office Web App with SharePoint Sorry there was a problem and we cant open this document


I have a Web Front End server running via HTTPS protocol and the SSL Cert is self-signed (Strictly HTTPS Only). Meanwhile, I also have an Officer Web App (OWA) 2013 server.

After binding the SP WFE server with the OWA server. (by referring steps from MDSN) and uploading a testing DOCX document.

This is the error i got from the OWA Viewer.

Office Web App - Sorry there was a problem

“Sorry, there was a problem and we can’t open this document. If this happens again, try opening the document in Microsoft Word.”

Ok Great. I then checked the OWA ULS log file. The below error was thrown



HttpRequestAsync, (WOPICheckFile,WACSERVER) no response [WebExceptionStatus:TrustFailure, url:https://MY SHAREPOINT URL/Docs/_vti_bin/wopi.ashx/files/f6f23205af3348199e803f3c568685df?access_token=REDACTED_1084&access_token_ttl=1373225332912, exception:System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. —> System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException: The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.     at System.Net.TlsStream.EndWrite(IAsyncResult asyncResult)     at System.Net.ConnectStream.WriteHeadersCallback(IAsyncResult ar)     — End of inner exception stack trace —     at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse(IAsyncResult asyncResult)     at Microsoft.Office… 54a29cd8-d404-45d9-bba4-359a21382bb0


Apparently it has got to do with SSL/TLS due to the self signed certification.


Download the self-signed certification to OWA.

  1. In the OWA server, go to IE browser and hit the SharePoint URL.
  2. Beside the Address Bar, click on the Certificate and click View certificates
  3. Under General tab and click Install Certificate
  4. Specify Local Machine
  5. Select “Place all certificates in the following store”
  6. Click “Browse” and select ‘Trusted Root Certification Authorities”
  7. Click Ok.
  8. Now try to open the document via Browse. =)

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