How to bulk insert multiple users into SharePoint People Picker

Sometimes, you will need to add permission or assign multiple users using People Picker field. This post tells you how you can insert multiple user entities using COPY (CTRL + C) and PASTE (CTRL + V).

First of you, make sure¬†your user logins are in claims¬†format. The reason why you need it to be in this format is that the SharePoint People Picker cannot identify of which provider the login if it is not in the full format…

Refer to link here for all the format required.

Append “;” at the back of each login


i:0e.t|identity provider|;i:0#.w|domainA\domainuser1;


Additonal Note: SharePoint People Picker allows you to quick Check Name by hitting Ctrl + K

4 thoughts on “How to bulk insert multiple users into SharePoint People Picker

  1. Hi i tried adding users in this format ” i:0#.w|AD\John; i:0#.w|AD\James;” in 2010 but unable to resolve the users .And what is the people picker limit?

    1. some say the limit is 100 (at once)
      im sure i:0#.w|xxx\officer01; i:0#.w|xxx\officer02; should work cause it was tested and it works for SP2016 too.

      Are the AD accounts active? or if they are even exists.

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