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I started off as a Software Engineer in one of the SI companies in Singapore in year 2010. Back then, I was attached to a technical project manager building SharePoint 2007 Web Part. Life was tough, a graduate from Computer Engineering who has zero knowledge on Web Programming (yes, computer engineering doesn’t really teach you how to host web server!). Slowly progressed and learned SharePoint, and did a little bit of designing work and development on custom web application running on SharePoint. With a very young and motivated heart, I then realized that developing web application and helping my clients resolving teething technical issue, somehow gave me a great sense of achievement.

Good work never go waste, slowly and steadily I started given opportunity to take on projects myself and managing projects. Dealt with many clients ranging from government sector to institutes and even individuals to build application using SharePoint 2010 / 2013 platform (and even now, SP2016!).

During my spare time, I like to explore other programming languages such as PHP, Node JS and product/open source such as WordPress (this web site that you are browsing on!) and playing around with WEB/IT Related stuff such as hosting my own APACHE server in my home desktop =), Dynamic Host Name so that I DONT HAVE to pay domain fees!

I was then moved to end user environment, a company that does agricultural business, to explore a different way of working life style. In this company, I was honored to be a SharePoint SA role to help architecting a global Intranet using SharePoint 2013 hosted in AWS (Amazon Web Service) cloud. I was basically the key technical person to design (technically and aesthetically) and develop solutions which include Event Management, Document Management, Content Management and Access/Permission Management in SharePoint.

Then again, life had never been always satisfying! Being soaked in an end user environment for too long, has caused me to have a little bit sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I always like to learn more and be exposed to different things. Would never been settled down until I keep learning things. I decided to move on to vendor environment again, helping company to build more SharePoint application. I strongly believed that there is always demand in Content Management System. And when one needs my help. I’m happy to be able to address your need!

Hence (there comes the sale talk ? =) ), if you need my help,your site developed, in need of wanting to setup your own online business portal or require web development related consultation. please feel free to reach me @ yihaa_5@hotmail.com. or LinkedIn: Boon Cheng Lee

Happy to help you out 🙂

[You can ignore whats shown below. Just for head hunter or any one who may be actually find my talent useful]

Microsoft Certified Professional: https://mcp.microsoft.com/Anonymous/Transcript/Validate

  • Transcript ID: 1006939
  • Access Code: 111222333

Certified ScrumMaster (Yes, I do AGILE too!)

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  1. Hi Ah Cheng,

    I am presently having this problem: errors were found when compiling the workflow 2013. I have tried your solution but it did not work. App Management Service was started.
    Pls I need your help.

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