Penny Auction – My very first PHP project for myself. I was partnering with my friend who is also a keen fellow to run a startup online business. We came out with an idea of building  a penny auction site. http://zomg.ahcheng.com

This web application uses lots of Client JS coding and requires heavy optimization to ensure the user experience is not compromised. There is heavy client site processing needed which adapted the IN technology, AJAX, to provide seamless bidding experience.

This site is built from scratch using PHP. The rationale of building it from scratch is partly for myself to learn PHP and also would be able to know the inside-out of the whole system. This makes the customization works much easier in future.

Apart from the online business, this bidding system is also revamped and packaged to allow easy deployment to new server.

Microsoft SharePoint

If you are not an IT person, you probably haven’t heard of “SharePoint”. Just a quick introduction, SharePoint is a product supported by Microsoft, it has been widely used for many corporates, mainly for Document Management or Content Management. It is a very powerful platform that provides a lot of features ranges from Business Connectivity, Officer Services, Search Engine and more.

I’ve been developing SharePoint application for years (since 2010). Applications that has been developed on top of SharePoint include Exam Paper System, Media Library, Search Centre, Document Library. Apart from development, I do provide consultation on SharePoint product. Mastering SharePoint indeed requires years of experience, If you need my help. Please drop me email any time =).

To name a few projects that i’ve done previously:

  1. Staff Directory
    • A portal for staff profile search.
    • Incorporated Telerik Web UI control to provide more fancy UI.
  2. Knowledge Hub
    • A SharePoint Enterprise Search Centre
    • Search Result refinement and tuning.
    • Develop Stats Web Part making use of SharePoint Web Analytic to project the daily information data to end user
  3. Exam Paper System
    • Mainly leveraging on SharePoint Document Set and Library.
    • Developed custom workflow on top of SharePoint.
    • Complicated algorithm on Permission Control is accessed.
  4. Intranets
    • Mainly on Web Part development.
    • Design Framework for SharePoint custom application.
    • Server Deployment and FAST Search Integration

Most of the project are confidential. Hence, i wouldn’t be able to provide screenshots for that. My Apologies.

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