Disable NTLM Authentication Prompt to Share Point

Internet Explorer provides seamless authentication using Windows Account to only trusted site or local intranet site. To avoid unnecessary prompt for re-login to SharePoint Site. Simply add your SharePoint site URL as Intranet site or Trusted Site.


  1. Open Internet Explorer, Click Tool > Options (or Alt + T + O)
  2. Click to Security tab
  3. Click on Local Intranet / Trusted Site (either one)
  4. Uncheck “Require Server verification (https) for all sites in this zone”
  5. Enter  the URL and click Add

Close your browser and open again. Your Windows Login should be automatically authenticated to SharePoint site now.


For SharePoint with seperate domain

You may want to add the same login domain user account in the Active Directory of the domain where your SharePoint is hosted. For example, if your windows login is DomainA\mylogin, create a domain user account in Domain B Active Directory.


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