Basic SEO Implementations and Guides

SEO optimization is rather manually edited on per-post and per-page basis. Nonetheless, below summarizes some of the things that you may want to follow in order to get better SEO results.

  • Markup Validation. Fundamentally, your should ensure that your site markup is up to standard. Here is free validator by W3C
  • Permalink. Permalink refers to URL that point to a specific blog or forum (quote from Wikipedia). It changes URLs to more user-friendly as well as search engine friendly. It was claimed that having date-based permalinks help the search engine. So, why not?
  • Tags and Keywords. Tags tell the search engine more about them and also help describe the content for your readers.
  • Sitemap. This is a must-have XML file that allow the search engine to better crawl your site. Check this sitemap generator out. It’s free. Once you generate your sitemap.xml, place the sitemap into your root directory. Then submit it to your preferred search engines e.g. Google and Bing.
  • Title Tag. (This is applicable to blogs or forum) Your title tag should includes both your post/forum name  followed by your site name. It is recommended to put a divider in between to help differentiate e.g. SEO Implementation – Ah Cheng – WordPress
  • Headlines. Site’s name,Title of the post, Title of the forum or Name of the Product (if  you are advertising your product) should always be in H1 block. Arguably, search engine interprets bold text and to a lesser degree italics, as an indication of keyword content in a phrase or sentence.
  • Related/Relevant Links. There are a lot of debates over whether search engine can detect link relevancy. Check this article – SEO Chicks  out. Spamming your site with links aren’t gonna really help, instead, make your anchor text Relevant!
  • Breadcrumb. Breadcrumb is usually links placed on top of your page, showing where your place is located structurally e.g. Home > Post > Basic SEO Implementations and Guides. This help search engines to better read your site.

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